Roll Some Fun Into You Next Contest Insurance Event

Looking for something that will involve a large group at your next charity fundraising event or trade show? The dice roll contest insurance is one of the most popular contest that will not only offer a large group the ability to take a chance at winning the grand prize but this will also draw attention to your charity or business. Purchasing coverage for the dice roll contest is simple, you will just need to let a contest specialist know the number of guests you are expecting at your event and the value of the prize you wish to give away. You can then choose from standard casino size dice or you can select six-inch foam dice (for a small fee). Also, you will be able to pick from three, four, five, or six dice. When offering the contest to a large group most of our clients select six dice. For the contest you will simply need a table that your guests or customers can roll the dice on and a video camera to record the contest.

Typically the company you work with will ship the customized dice to you in the week prior to your event. In order to have a winner, one lucky person will have to roll the predetermined dice combination specified in your contract between you and the contest insurance company you are working with. You can either use a word or your company logo. For example, we work with quite a few Harley-Davidson dealers and they love to use this contest for their in-store promotions. They customize their dice to spell H-A-R-L-E-Y or they will do six company logos. Many customers will also just use the standard W-I-N-N-E-R.

If you are interested in running the dice roll promotion at your next event or if you have questions regarding this contest or any other type of promotion please give a contest promotion company a call!

Winning Dice

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