Contest Insurance For Direct Mail Pieces

MailboxIs contest insurance just what your business needs in 2011? Finding ways to increase your foot traffic in today’s tough economy is difficult at best. Many businesses spend a great deal of time finding ways to market their business and paying big money for it. What if you were able to use a simple direct mail promotion to drive in customers? What if you did not have to beg the customers to come in, but instead you would be dealing with crowd control? This is something that can happen when you use the direct mail promotional campaigns by a company that offers such services.

The good news is that you have options, too. Check out the following direct mail promotions that could help you to push your business back into the black.

Check out the Lucky Number Match. In this contest insurance, you drive traffic in to your location by sending out special mailers to customers. Those customers who receive the winning number on the flyer, win the prize. They have to come in to learn what the number is.
Scratch and Win Cards are a lot of fun. Send out a mailer to allow customers to scratch off a winning card. They can then redeem the card in your store for prizes if they are a winner.
Lucky Envelope is yet another contest insurance option. Use this one if you want to create a crowd. Announce the event through a direct mailer you send out. Then, on the day of the contest, one of the contestants from the crowd is selected. If that person selects the one envelope with the prize, they win big.
These contests are fun to hold and they are profitable for you because they draw people in. Take the time to check out these and other contest insurance promotions available to you.

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