What is contest insurance?
Contest insurance is purchased for a promotion or contest in which the participants are offered the chance to win prizes. Promoters pay a premium to an insurance company instead of keeping cash reserves to cover large prizes and hoping if the contest is won by a participants than the insurance company pays out.

Who buys contest insurance?
Contest insurance bought by event coordinators and sponsors or anyone looking to offer a larger prize in association with a contest. Contest insurance is a great way to offer a large prize without breaking your budget.

What are the factors needed to get a contest insurance quote?
Basic information is date of the event, location, prize value, number of contestants and the contest.

What types of contest insurance are offered?
The most popular contest is a hole in one contest. Many would say this is the contest that started the industry. Now all major sports have a contest during their half-time or intermission periods. Half court shot contest is becoming very popular and so is a field goal kicks. Here is a small list of contests that can be insured: Football toss, progressive shot, red line hockey shot, bowl 300, lucky envelope, crack the vault, duck race, bingo, trap shooting, dice roll, airplane toss, scratch cards, predict the weather, sweepstakes, direct more and much more!

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