Planning Your Company Holiday Party – Add Some Contest Insurance

Holiday PartyIt’s never too early to start planning your company holiday party and why not add a little pizzazz to it with a promotion where you secure contest insurance to give away a big prize! There are a wide array on contests, whether you want to select a few employees to participate in the contest or give the opportunity to everyone in the office, there is something for everyone!

If you are looking to raffle the chance to a few lucky employees, the lucky number contest is just what you are looking for. This is an especially great game if you are looking to theme it around the holidays. Here is the idea: Number items from one to one hundred and then have the selected contestants pick their lucky number. Many companies like to number Christmas balls and then hang them on a tree to tie in with the holiday theme. Once your employees have selected their lucky numbered Christmas ball you will then punch the numbers into an online website. This will typically be provided to you upon purchasing the coverage. If one of your employees’ lucky numbers matches the predetermined lucky number they go home with some extra holiday spending money!

If you would rather offer a promotion where each and every one of your staff will get their chance at winning big then you will want to go with the Dice Roll contest. When getting a contract for the dice roll you will be asked to select a six-letter word to have put on the dice. You could use your company name or acronym, if that doesn’t work you can always use six company logos or you can always go with W-I-N-N-E-R. The contest insurance company will ship the customized dice to you along with the dice rolling cup. If someone is lucky enough to roll the winning combination they will win the grand prize.

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