Football Promotions To Draw A Crowd with Contest Insurance

FootballWe’re right in the swing of football season but it’s never too late to add contest insurance at your next game. Contest insurance companies offer a wide array of contests that are sure to bring excitement to your next halftime event! All you have to do is select a lucky fan from the crowd and bring them down to the field and a contest insurance companywill do the rest!!

The Field Goal Kick is a very popular contest. You will just need to let us know the number of contestants you will pick, at random, from the crowd, the value of the prize, and the length of the field goal kick. The company will typically offer various distances from thirty to fifty yards. Looking to add a little more of a challenge? You can also do the progressive field goal kick contest. If the contestant can successfully kick a twenty yard, thirty yard and forty yard field goal kick they get to go home with the grand prize.

Another popular type of contest insurance for a football promotion is the Truck Bed Punt. Many auto dealers love to run this contest because not only is it a great way to advertise and get their dealership name out there but they also bring one of their trucks onto the field. The lucky fan that is picked to participate will get to test their skills at punting the ball a certain distance, and if they can get it into the truck bed they will drive home a winner!

Many contest insurance companies also offer Target Toss competitions that you can add to your next football promotion. This is a very versatile contest that can be offered both on and off the field. Whether it’s a high school fall festival or an automotive dealership grand opening, it’s a great way to draw a crowd. When setting up the coverage, you will get to select the value of the prize, the length of the toss, and the size of the template which the ball must go through.

Keep in mind, if you have an idea for a football contest and you do not see it offered by a contest insurance company, often times a contest consultants will be happy to design the right promotion for you.

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