Contest Insurance, a No Brainer!

The only thing certain about today is uncertainty! When one fails to plan he is actually planning to fail. As sure as the day is long, if we do not have contest insurance, that is when the contest will fail to take place or the super award will be won.

Contest insurance is our way of protecting the integrity of whatever event we might plan.  In a golf tournament with a hole in one insurance prize, contest insurance must be secured.  The cost will be well worth the investment because as sure as we do not have contest insurance, a hole in one will be recorded and we will have to pay for the prize, out of our pocket.

Have you ever had one of those days that just did not go right?  Could it snow on the March day that the big golf tournament is scheduled and people have come from all over the country to play and the bill must be paid anyway? Contest insurance could take care of that little freak of nature. On that same March day, you have contracted with Tiger Woods to make an appearance at the tournament and have already paid for his private jet transportation and there is a certain escape clause in the contract. Contest insurance could make the day just a bit easier.

Contest insurance can be purchased that will cover just about any eventuality that a sponsor might encounter.  To be responsible for an event is an awesome responsibility and contest insurance is really a no brainer.

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